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ADA brings together ADA Carbon Solutions, a leading provider of powder activated carbon and ADA-ES, the provider of ADA® M-Prove™ Technology. We continue to sell products to the emissions control market. Our complementary family of products allow coal-fired power generators to combat mercury and other contaminant emissions at various points within the plant process. We are passionate about partnering with our customers to create a fully-integrated compliance solution to meet mercury control needs.

What do our solutions provide?

  • Customized contaminant control to ensure your MATS or other regulations compliance
  • Fuel flexibility and optimization
  • Complementary products that work together to create a financially sustainable solution
  • Improved emissions controls and better marketability of valuable byproducts
  • Reliability and peace of mind
Powder Activated Carbon
PowerPAC® Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is our standard product for mercury capture in halogen-containing flue gas. Use this product when you are firing high chlorine containing coals, or in conjunction with coal or flue gas additives for the oxidation of mercury. PDF of SDS
PowerPAC WS Powdered activated carbon designed for rapid dispersion and slow settling in a wet flue gas desulfurization (wFGD) unit. PowerPAC WS adsorbs mercury into the pore of the PAC for permanent removal from the system. PDF of SDS
PowerPAC Premium® This halogenated powdered activated carbon begins with our PowerPAC® technology and adds a halogen to promote mercury oxidation. It is specifically designed for flue gas mercury capture in low-halogen applications such as powder river basin coals, lignite coals, and biomass. PDF of SDS
FastPAC® This patented non- brominated carbon is produced from coal and lignite feedstock’s that have shown to produce the most effective activated carbons in full-scale testing at power plants. It has been designed to enhance the kinetics of the capture of mercury in flue gas of units burning all fuels and high halogen content with Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) particulate removal. PDF of SDS
FastPAC NH An advanced non-halogen powdered activated carbon with non-halogen surface treatments to promote mercury oxidation. It can be used in with any coal including low halogen PRB and Lignite fuels. PDF of SDS
FastPAC Premium® This patented brominated carbon is produced from coal and lignite feedstock’s that have shown to produce the most effective activated carbons at power plants. In full-scale sorbent injection tests, FastPAC Premium® has demonstrated reliable mercury capture in a wide range of coal-fired units and has proven especially effective in facilities with cold-side ESP configurations, with both low-rank and higher-sulfur coals. PDF of SDS
FastPAC Platinum FastPAC Platinum has dramatically increased mercury removal efficiency compared to previous generations of the FastPAC series. In our proprietary Dynamic Mercury Index test, the FastPAC Platinum was shown to have up to three times more mercury capture capability over FastPAC Premium. PDF of SDS
FastPAC Platinum Plus FastPAC Platinum Plus can boast the same improved mercury capture capabilities as FastPAC Platnium, but is engineered for better performance in more challenging applications, particularly in plants where DSI is used. FastPAC Platinum Plus delivers optimal performance in even the most complex systems. PDF of SDS
FastPAC Platinum 80 In applications where SO3 levels are high, FastPAC Platinum 80 has demonstrated over 80% mercury removal. It is specifically engineered for SO3 tolerance, delivering reliable, and cost-effective compliance. PDF of SDS
Chemical Additives
ADA® M-Prove Coal Additives ADA® M-Prove Coal Additives provide a cost-effective alternative to other halogen-based, coal additives used for enhanced mercury removal. Our product minimizes corrosion risks to cut maintenance and repair costs, enhancing system reliability. We limit the amount of halogen added to the system, which also reduces the risk of halogens leaching from ash, or impacting wastewater treatment systems or downstream waterways. PDF of SDS
ADA® RESPond®  Flue Gas Conditioning ADA® RESPond® Flue Gas Conditioning (FGC) is a highly effective surface ash resistivity modifier for power plants operating cold-side ESPs requiring FGC. Replacing SO3 FGC with RESPond® FGC Technology not only supports opacity and particulate emissions compliance, it also reduces the costs of mercury control as well as the risks of mercury non-compliance. PDF of SDS

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