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Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. is a leader in clean coal technology and the associated specialty chemicals, serving the coal-fueled power plant industry. Our proprietary environmental technologies and specialty chemicals enable power plants to enhance existing air pollution control equipment, minimize mercury, CO2 and other emissions, maximize capacity, and improve operating efficiency, to meet the challenges of existing and pending emission control regulations.  Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. serves as the holding company for; ADA-ES, Inc., BCSI, LLC., ACES, LLC. and Clean Coal Solutions, LLC.

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ADA-ES, Inc. (“ADA”) supplies Activated Carbon Injection (“ACI”) for mercury control, Dry Sorbent Injection (“DSI”) for acid gases, and technology services and other offerings in support of our customers’ emissions compliance strategies.  ADA’s M-ProveTM technology, which reduces emissions of mercury and other metals from PRB coal, is applied directly to coal at power plants, or offered through a licensing agreement with Arch Coal for application at their mines.  In addition, we are developing technologies to advance cleaner energy, including CO2 emissions control technologies through projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) and industry participants.


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BCSI, LLC is a custom designer and fabricator of engineered emissions control technologies, bulk material handling equipment, bulk storage systems, water/waste water treatment equipment, and custom components.  BSCI supplies Dry Sorbent Injection (“DSI)” for acid gas control using its technologically advanced cool, dry conditioned conveying air systems.   BCSI’s technical solutions serve a wide range of industrial clients including; coal fired utilities, water treatment, wastewater, cement kilns, food processing and industrial boilers. BCSI employs engineers and trade professionals at a 190,000+sq. ft. fabrication and office facility located in McKeesport, PA.


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Clean Coal Solutions, LLC (“CCS”), is a 42.5% owned joint venture by ADA that provides ADA’s patented Refined Coal (“RC”) CyClean™ technology to enhance combustion of and reduce emissions of NOx and mercury from coals in cyclone boilers and ADA’s patent pending M-45™ and M-45-PC™ technologies for Circulating Fluidized Boilers and Pulverized Coal boilers respectively. ADES consolidates the results of CCS in its financial statements.


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Advanced Clean Energy Solutions, LLC (“ACES”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ADES that is focused on supporting and improving the Company’s existing products and identifying, developing and commercializing new solutions to advance cleaner energy and to help our customers meet existing and future regulatory and business challenges. Building off the success of M-45™ and M-45-PC™ Technologies for Refined Coal, ACES is currently working to develop and commercialize new technologies to reduce a range of emissions associated with power generation and oil & gas production. ACES has assembled a strong team and follows a rigorous process focused on development and maximizing the return on investment.