Product Brochures

Activated Carbon Injection System

ADA’s Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) System incorporates the industry’s best experience in mercury control into a reliable, industry-proven design. Customized to meet your specifications, our ACI System has a low total-installed cost with guaranteed performance.

ADAir™ Mixer Technology

The ADAir™ Mixer is an in-duct static mixing technology that improves sorbent dispersion to increase pollutant capture and decrease sorbent consumption as part of an optimized compliance strategy.

The fixed vanes of the ADAir-Mixer induce counter rotating flow and intersecting turbulence patterns to improve gas mixing and sorbent contact with pollutants without using any moving parts or additional compressed air or blowers.

Dry Sorbent Injection Systems

The ADA DSI system design incorporates ADA’s best-in-class air pollution control process expertise to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and provide operational support. ADA DSI systems are specifically designed around the existing plant equipment, fuel, and process conditions to ensure low capital and operating costs.

RESPond® FGC Technology

RESPond® FGC Technology is a highly effective surface ash resistivity modifier for power plants operating cold-side ESPs requiring flue gas conditioning (FGC). Replacing SO3 FGC with RESPond® FGC Technology not only supports opacity and particulate emissions compliance, it also reduces the costs of mercury control as well as the risks of mercury non-compliance.

M-Prove™ Coal Additives

Our M-Prove Technology provides a cost-effective alternative to other halogen-based, coal additives used for enhanced mercury removal. Our product minimizes corrosion risks to cut maintenance and repair costs, enhancing system reliability. We limit the amount of halogen added to the system, which also reduces the risk of halogens leaching from ash, or impacting wastewater treatment systems or downstream waterways.